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Given the K-W-L research model, over the course of a school year, children will research, author and illustrate a nonfiction book based on Common Core and ISTE standards.

Welcome to the 2nd Grade Research and Publication Project which creates the context for collaborative teaching and technology integration. The purpose of this website is to offer tools and resources teachers can use to replicate and/or adapt this project succesfully.

Big Picture Objectives

  • Raise student achievement.
  • Teach elements of nonfiction.
  • Prepare children for the E.L.A. exam.
  • Develop technology skills.
Student Performance Objectives - we want the students to be able to:
  • Plan their own research by asking questions and using a KWL chart.
  • Gather information from a variety of sources.
  • Construct a paragraph from their notes.
  • Illustrate the text.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaboratively create a hard cover nonfiction book.

Before You Start

  • Get permission from your principal to give you at least 2 periods a month when you can work with the classroom teacher and the art teacher. 
  • Order the book binding materials from Lintor
  • Obtain the media release parental consent

Inquiry and Project Based Learning

  • Computers with internet access
  • Scanner
  • Color printer
  • Book binding materials from LINTOR
    • Heavy duty stapler
    • Heavy duty paper
  • White erase board for word walls
    • magnetic tape
  • SmartBoard
  • Chart paper and markers
  • Books, Zoo Books and magazines

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